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How to Become A Member




There are 3 ways to become a member at BCPS for out of town clients wanting to take advantage of our mail order service.

1) Be a member of another dispensary/compassion club, or a current Health Canada or LP client.
2) Have a valid medical document stating you will be using medicinal marijuana for your own health reasons.
3) Or, if you don't have either of the above fill out and print our notary FORM and APPLICATION FORM


  • MUST FILL OUT BCPS MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION (click the button below to print the form)
  • Either a DOCTORS CONSENT FORM or DECLARATION (both forms are available below)
  • SEND COPY OF PHOTO ID (black out ID number)
  • Email all forms to if you prefer to fax them 604-608-9461
  • Questions, concerns or information not answered here is available at our main location please call: 604-336-4740

All forms must be submitted before a mail order can be sent out, once your application is processed we will send you an email to confirm that you are our newest member.

Once you have received confirmation your application has been processed you can call or email an order in. Our friendly knowledgeable staff will assist you any in placing an order so it is as trouble free as possible. Once you have placed your order the sales rep will tell you your total plus the flat rate of $20 shipping on all orders UNDER $250. (Orders over $250 get free shipping) We accept interac transfers and credit card.

**No orders will be processed or sent until we verify your membership and payment details, you can save everybody a bit of time and frustration by following the steps above to ensure a trouble free experience.** All orders will be sent out the next business day after they are received